Friday, October 11, 2013

No date? Good. No dressing? What?

This comes with a back story...

I have been insanely agreeing to go on more dates than I have time for. I think my co-workers are worried about me. Mostly because I don't even enjoy dating. They ask me how it went and I go on for 500000 minutes on how the guy was not my ex-boyfriend. Seriously, "He wanted me to eat processed food! How dare he? Yuck. He's out." Obviously, I'm a little crazy or I am still in love, maybe both. The verdict is still out on that one. I'm glad they bare with me and are gracious. I have been getting better... I still agree, but I don't show up. Umm... that can get awkward when you run into them at Java Beach and they clearly hate you.


I tried having a date with myself today. Has anyone ever thought about how much healthier it is to not date? You can order a salad and skip the wine and bread. When you are on a date, you get the drink before dinner right? Then you want the wine with dinner. By then, you want the bread, and then most men order tons of meat so you have that too. Then, you also want the dessert!!! (Maybe that's just me?) It's all bad news. All of it. That is what made today so much better. Today I wanted a Spicy Tuna Salad from Blue Barn like I always do, then I wanted a few fries so I ordered those too. However, I only ate like 3... I indulge but I don't splurge. It would have come in handy to have a man around to eat the fries. Because I will never not want dessert, I HAD TO HAVE THEIR CHOCOLATE PEANUT BUTTER RICE CRISPY! Heaven. Again, I only took two bites and handed it off to the homeless man who hangs on Chestnut Street. I should have given him the fries. He would have been a good man to share them with.

Because I was alone, and people are interesting...


I watched a girl talk about how she was not going to put the salad dressing in her salad because it had too much fat. She took two bites of her salad and then she proceeded to eat the WHOLE Rice Crispy Treat. What? I'm so confused. 

I want to share this link with her:


  1. You know, this only proves how little I know of people. I always thought that eating out and going on dates would push a person to eat healthier so the other person doesn't see you as a glutton. Meanwhile, back at home, by yourself, why not eat that half gallon of ice cream in the freezer? I mean, no ones watching so it doesn't count, right? Like the tree in the forest thing making a sound? No?

    1. Maybe that is just me!!!

      I trust you, you know a lot about people. Or did you spend too much time away from then? Just kidding. Maybe I'm a nervous eater... or a glutton. :( ha ha. Aw, so glad you read it, Michael. The tree in the forest makes a sound for itself... right?