Wednesday, October 9, 2013

What am I thinking about? Post #2!

I am thinking about the fact that I am 26 years old. What does that mean? What am I supposed to be doing? What am I supposed to know? How come there is no book for this? 

Basically, I am thinking about what it means to navigate time  and space in San Francisco, as a 26 year old...

I'll start with what I have learned in life so far:

People, nature, food, pictures, words, and exercise are important to me... in that order. Those are the pieces that make me who I am, and I like learning and talking about them. I am convinced I'm living in the perfect place for me, for now.

To love is my favorite thing in the world to do. That's why I am a teacher. Children teach me about love, because they are full of it. They give it to me everyday. I find it fascinating that no child is incapable of loving. Why do we lose it? What happens to grown ups?

I have learned that there is nothing that whips you into better shape than a painful break up. On that note: squats and v-ups are magical. Finding muscle pain over heart ache is key!

I celebrate the interconnectedness of the elements on this earth. Human beings are always trying to reach for the top by pushing, shoving, cheating, etc. but... I think a lot of people are confused. Life's not a pyramid. It's a circle. 

I learned today that I need to loosen up! This is actually a pretty funny story--

I met a guy for coffee (I know... I don't learn) and when he got too close I cringed (he was from the marina... need I say more?) He told me to loosen up. When he went to the bathroom, I took his advise and I left to have a loosening up day. I went for a run at Crissy Field while I listened to ghetto rap. There is nothing more relaxing than listening to Tyga's "Get Loose" while running by the Golden Gate Bridge. Then, I was thinking about the color pink. I thought I should have it on my nails so I went to get my nails done. I needed to relax, right? I found the perfect O.P.I, Mod About You, in case anyone is wondering. It is a soft pink... I heard pink is a relaxing color. Then as I walked back to my car on Lombard and Steiner, I saw a sign that read, "$49 dollars for 1 hour Thai massage!" I thought,"I have heard about Thai massages. Why not?" My ex boyfriend's sister used to talk about them. I remembered "pain" being mentioned, however, I guess I hadn't paid close enough attention. I walked in and I saw bars on the ceiling. I was immediately scared. I thought, "What? Am I going to be hanging from there?" Then the nice, small, asian man came out. He didn't seem so bad, so I stayed. I figured hanging is part of the technique. The first two minutes of my message, I realized the guy I met for coffee was right... I needed to loosen up. My masseus' laughter at my pain and his constant, "Oh yeah, here is another knot." confirms that.

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