Tuesday, October 15, 2013


God is life, and love, and if you believe in life, you believe in love. Love is the unexplainable spark...? Or something like that. I'm thinking this through...

I don't know if any of you believe in God. I grew up in a household that did. I grew up in a household that believed in prophesy, spoke tongues on occasion, and worshiped God through reading the Bible every single day. In my childhood, I don't remember not talking to God a single day. I still talk to God everyday, although it looks different. I do it when I step outside and enjoy life and love to the best of my abilities. However, my perspective has changed. I do wholeheartedly still believe, believe more at a logical level, that there is a God. I believe that there has to be a force that has been communicating with us always. But, not in the way that religions are explaining. Science explains it better. The fact that ice will melt every time proves this to me. Furthermore, the fact that all children are born inexplicably exuding love, that they have an inexplicable ability to extract love, is enough proof for me that life is love. There are unexplained laws that govern life. All we know about these laws is that they exists because they do, and for their own survival. These laws create systems that govern life, or our existence. Life's systems driven by laws are held together by codes, chemical reactions,  etc. Not that I know much about science, except that I do know that I see life written all over. Science proves that there is life. Life is a reality. We are becoming too disconnected from the fact that we are actually alive... and there are things around us that share that SAME QUALITY. We are the only planet we know of that has this beautiful gift. Because of this gift of life, and because of those systems' need to survive, our brains have created a mind. Because of our minds, we are able to experience love. I found this interesting article that helped me understand this. It is about the mind and brain (click on link) and I posted it yesterday but here it is again.

It was super interesting because I think intelligence is one of the wonders of life. Anyway, we are alive and we have been blessed with the ability to love and think- why aren't we celebrating that? Seriously. Deadlines are deadlines. The world is NOT going to end if I don't meet my deadline. I wish everyone was just a little more relaxed about life. Life is beautiful and we only have so much time in it. So, I want to live in a relaxed, joyful, compassionate, and graceful manner. (Dear Society...)

Life, love, or if you will, God has to have been trying to communicate with us, and there are chances that people misinterpreted the messages or interpreted them for their time and context and we are misinterpreting. I DON'T KNOW. I PERSONALLY DON'T CARE. If I think about it, and read into the messages of most religions, the only thing that most religions have in common is love... rules all vary... but if loving is so important to life... I'm confused as to why we are not all just doing that? It is what FEELS right, is it not? Isn't it what we are all craving and looking for? and hoping for? That is why in China, in Huangshan (Yellow Mountain), people placed these locks of love- in hopes that they would be "in love" forever. My ex-boyfriend took this picture. Obviously, we didn't leave one. (I wish we had. Maybe they work.)

I'm just scientifically analyzing statistical and empirical data on the phenomena of love. I guess where it gets tricky and why we, as humans, have not been successful in loving one another is that everyone has their own idea of how to live and love. We are ALL proving this to be true because we can't just get along, even though our survival as a race depends on it. This is quite comical and obviously Shakespear had a sense of humor about trying to understanding love. 

Love is a whole other science I don't think anyone is looking at, and I don't know if I can take that kind of research on. haha. 

Don't pay any attention to me, maybe I don't know anything! I am just thinking out loud...

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